Tender: 80/2019

Mpumalanga   Civil
42 views • Oct 29, 2020
All Bids closed on 30 Nov 2020 11:00AM

Bid Number: 80/2019

Name of Institution: City of Mbombela Municipality
Place where goods, works or services are required:
1 Nel Street

Mbombela Civic Centre



Date Published:   29 October 2020
Closing Date / Time:  30 November 2020  at 11:00am
Contact Person: Tony Malambe

Email: tony.malambe@mbombela.gov.za
Telephone number: 013 759 9250
FAX Number:

Where bid documents can be obtained:
Website:   PLease see attached bid advert and special conditions below
Physical Address:

Where bids should be delivered:
Physical Address:

Please  see attached bid advert and special conditions below

Briefing Session
A compulsory / Optional briefing session will be held on:

Special Conditions:

It is compulsory for all interested bidders to download a Bid Registration Form in order to access the TMP. The Bid Registration Form is available on the City’s website: www.mbombela.gov.za in the Tenders and Notices folder. The Bid Registration Form must be completed (preferably typed) and emailed to the following email address: bidregistration@mbombela.gov.za for registration.

Please ensure all details are correct and, if hand written, are clear and legible to avoid delays in the bidder registration process.

The registration will start from 30 OCTOBER 2020 until 23 NOVEMBER 2020 @ 16:00. No bidder registration will be considered after the closing date and time for registration. Bidders who fail to register within the registration period will not be eligible to access or submit their respective tender documents on the TMP.

Bidders will thereafter receive an email from the noreply@notifications.ansarada.com with instructions to log in and verify their details. Bidders that do not receive this confirmation email within 24 hours of sending the bidder registration email request must forward a copy of the original email request to bidregistration@mbombela.gov.za.

All bid responses must be submitted electronically on the TMP on or before the Bid Closing date: 30 NOVEMBER 2020 @ 11:00. The TMP will automatically close and will not accept any submission after the bid closing date and time.

The TMP provides a “locked box” submission tool to maintain security and confidentiality for each bidder.

Bidders are encouraged to submit their bid responses as from 30 OCTOBER 2020 to enable the Client Success (CS) team to assist with any challenges.

The CS team are available 24/7 online, by email, or by calling a local South Africa telephone number. These details will be included in the welcome email received by each registered bidder.

NB!!! Only bids submitted electronically via the TMP will be accepted and NO bids received by telegram, fax, e-mail, or bids physically delivered will be considered. Late bids shall NOT be considered.

No briefing session shall be conducted for this tender. Technical enquiries may be directed to the project manager through the Q&A engine on the TMP. All questions and answers will be transparent to all bidders on that respective bid to ensure fairness and equity.

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