Tender: RFQ 20/35/EC.H

Eastern Cape   Medical & Healthcare
210 views • 27 Jan 2021 3:40AM
All Bids closed on 10 Feb 2021 11:00AM

Bid Number: RFQ 20/35/EC.H
Bid Description: PPE Requirements
Name of Institution: South African Post office
Place where goods, works or services are required:
259 Govan Mbeki Ave Port Elizabeth

Date Published:  27 Jan 2021
Closing Date / Time: 10 Feb 2021 / 11h00
Enquiries: Hans van Loggerenberg
Contact Person:

Email: Hans.vanLoggerenberg@postoffice.co.za
Telephone number: 041 508 4373
FAX Number:

Where bid documents can be obtained:
Website: www.Etenders.gov.za
Physical Address:

Where bids should be delivered:
Physical Address:

259 Govan Mbeki Ave

Port Elizabeth 6000

Briefing Session
Non compulsory / 

Special Conditions:

Late and incomplete Documents will not be considered

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