Tender: GT/GDSD/048/2020

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Bid Number:  GT/GDSD/048/2020
Bid Description:  Request for Information for Co-operatives manufacturing school uniform in Gauteng
Name of Institution:  Department of Social Development
Place where goods, works or services are required:  Department of Social Development

Date Published:  2020-10-16
Closing Date / Time: 2020-11-06 @ 11H00
Contact Person: Ntombi Mekgoe 

Email:  ntombi.mekgoe@gauteng.gov.za
Telephone number:  011 355 7648 

Technical Enquiries:
Contact Person:  Mbali Ndlovu

Telephone number:  011 355 7696

Tender Enquiries:
Contact Person:  Thapelo Mohlanga

Telephone number:  011 689-6481

Where bid documents can be obtained:
Website:  https://etenders.treasury.gov.za
Physical Address:  Note due to COVID-19 risk of infection, only electronic copies can be distributed otherwise suppliers can find the documents  

published on-line

Where bids should be delivered:
Physical Address:  Tender Box, Imbumba House, 75 Fox Street. Marshalltown 2107

Briefing Session
A briefing session will be held on: N/A

Special Conditions:


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Department of Social Development
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