Tender: MKHO13/2020/21 (A)

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Bid Number:MKHO13/2020/21
Place where goods, works or services are required:MKHONDO LOCAL MUNICIPALITY

Date Published:  11 December 2020
Closing Date / Time: 18 January 2021 at 12h00
Contact Person:Ms THA DLUDLU

Telephone number: 017 825 0292
FAX Number:

Contact Person:Ms QZ Mbatha

Telephone number: 017 285 0213
FAX Number:


Where bid documents can be obtained:
Physical Address: Cashiers Desk, Finance Building, No.33 Cnr. Market and De Wet Street, Mkhondo 2380 

Where bids should be delivered:
Physical Address: Tender Box Situated at the Municipal Town Hall, No.33 Crn Market and De Wet Street, Mkhondo 2380

Briefing Session
A compulsory briefing session will be held on:
Date:18 December 2020
Time: 10h00 am
Venue:Municipal Town Hall

Special Conditions:

Preferential Procurement Policy framework Act No.5 of 2000: Preferential Procurement Regulations 2017 and Supply Chain Management Policy of MKHONDO Local Municipality will apply in the adjudication process. Method 4 of evaluation of the acceptable proposals will be applied and responsive bids are expected to score at least a minimum of 75 out of 100 points (75%) for functionality points to be considered for further evaluation. Tenders will be adjudicated according to the 80/20 of the Price Preferential point system.

According to the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act No.5 of 2000: Preferential Procurement Regulations 2017, an 80/20 Price Preferential Point System will be applicable for this tender. Original or certified valid copy of B-BBEE Certificate / or sworn B-BBEE affidavit must be submitted to claim preference points. Bidders who do not submit B-BBEE Status Level Verification Certificates or are non-compliant contributors to B-BBEE do not qualify for preference points for B-BBEE but will not be disqualified from the bidding process.

Proposed Prices and rates should be all Inclusive (Inclusive of Vat for Vat Vendors). Bids should be accompanied by the following compulsory documents (non-submission will result to bid being non-responsive): A valid original Tax Clearance Certificate / valid SARS Tax Compliance Status PIN, recently certified identification copies of Directors, certified copy of Company registration certificate, proof of CSD Registration, current municipal account statement for rates and taxes (not owing more than 90 days) / proof of lease agreement must be attached if renting (proof that leased premises municipal account is not in arrears for more than 90 days) / Bidders residing in a non-billed areas must attach proof of residence / letter from Tribal Authority.

This tender document should be in a sealed envelope duly endorsed “BID NUMBER AND DESCRIPTION.” must be placed in the tender box situated at the Mkhondo Town Hall, on or before 18th of January 2021 at 12:00 at the Municipal Offices, corner Mark and De Wet Streets, eMkhondo.

Collection of bid documents: Tender documents are obtained on payment of a non-refundable fee of R500.00 and can be collected from the Mkhondo Cashier’s offices (Revenue Division), Municipal Offices, eMkhondo, 017 285 0200 between 08:30-15:00 Monday to Thursday and Friday from 08:30 – 14:00  excluding weekend and public holidays from the 18th of December 2020. Please note that no bid document will be couriered to prospective bidders. Tenders received after closing date and time, faxed, completed with pencil, tipexed, incomplete document or e-mailed will not be considered.

NOTE: Only those tenderers who are registered on the Central Supplier Database (CSD) are eligible to submit tenders for these tenders. The Council does not bind itself to accept or award the lowest priced tender. The Council may elect to accept only part of the successful tender. Council reserve the right not to appoint or withdraw the tender. The adjudication process and the award, if an award is made, will conform to the requirements of the Supply Chain Management Regulation, the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act and the Preferential Procurement Regulations of 2017.This bid is subject to the, Mkhondo Local Municipality Supply Chain Management policy. Only the version of this notice and invitation contained in the tender document shall form part of the tender. No correspondences will be entered into with regards to evaluation scores obtained. Tenders may only be submitted on the original tender documentation that is issued by the employer. Tenders should be valid for a period of not less than ninety (90) days

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