List of various Tender Services in South Africa

Company Partners

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We’re a team of over 30 dedicated experts who offer over 120 different Company Services to legally register your new business and ensure you meet all the requirements of your Industry or Tender Application.

Company Partners offers over 120 Services to help you get your Company Documentation in order, including:
  • Company Registration
  • Buy 2019 Shelf Pty + TCC
  • Buy 2010 Shelf CC
  • BEE Affidavit
  • Tax Clearance
  • VAT Registration
  • UIF / PAYE Registration
  • COID Registration
  • Letter of Good Standing
  • Import / Export License
  • Custom Tender Search
  • Business Bank Account
  • Director Changes
  • Annual Returns
  • NHBRC Registration
  • CIDB Registration
  • Tender Package
  • VAT Package

How to Tender (Pty) Ltd

training  consulting

Tender training and tender consultations

  • The Become a Tender Expert 2-day webinar/workshop
  • The Specialised Local Content workshop/webinar
  • Products for sale:
    • Tender Manual / Handbook
    • Local Content Instruction Manual
    • Completed Standard Bidding Documents (SBD’s)
    • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Private (in-house) workshops at your offices
  • Responding to tenders on your behalf
  • Company documents, registrations, and compliance

Talo Design and Projects

projects  surveying  consulting  certificates  tax

Talo design and projects is a consortium consulting based in Johannesburg. It offers development and residential design, quantity surveying , project management and interior design to clients in the property sector.

  • Tendering and Tender Pricing
  • Building Estimates
  • Measuring of plans and BOQ compilation
  • Site Measurements
  • Evaluation of Claims
  • Compilation of Claims and invoicing
  • Cost Management
  • Contract Management
  • Method statements
  • Programs
  • Cashflows
  • Health and Safety Plans
  • Health and Safety Files
  • Company registration
  • Tax clearance
  • BEE certificate
  • CIDB certificates
  • NHBRC certificates